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Caricatori e Attrezzature Forestali

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• The ideal solution for the load of cassettes and melari •

• On purpose studied for the load of cassettes and melari •

• It allows to save time and work in the operations of load •

• The electric driving is commanded through radiocontrol •

• Closed again completely, the real encumbrance reduces him to the least one •

• Thanks to the system of rubber bands the mass in work is simple and fast •

• Brought on the whole ray of action: 100kg •

• Feeding to 12V •

• CE mark •

• Maximum maneuverability to allow the load along the whole surface of the large case •

• Real encumbrance in position of rest: 2000mm reducible to 1500mm •

• Useful height of load: 1500mm •

• Length arm: 3800mm •

• Encumbrance from closed: 300mm •


• Manual regulation for the compensation of the side inclination in phase of load •

• System of delay to increase the course of load to 300 kg at 1500mm •


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